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Workhorse Custom Chassis (Workhorse) decided that a defect which relates to motor vehicle safety exists in certain W20, W21 and W22 motor home chassis built from July 24, 2000 through December 19, 2007.

Workhorse Recall Notification FormNote:
The Workhorse Recall has yet not begun.  Parts are currently in production.  Contact Mainline, your Workhorse Dealer now (440) 439-7777 and we will put your name on our Workhorse recall list and notify you as soon as the remedy parts become available.  This way you will be assured of getting your vehicle repaired as soon as possible.

To find out if your vehicle is affected by the recall enter your Vehicle Identification Number in the box located on the right hand side of this
Workhorse web page.  

Certain RV applications equipped with axles that include Bosch ZOPS or Bosch ZOHT Pin Slide hydraulic disc brakes when combined with occasional or seasonal vehicle operation may experience calipers sticking in the applied position. This can result in abnormal heat generation at the wheel end causing brake drag. Although the driver would normally have warning of the brake drag - if undetected by the driver, the temperature increase at the wheel end can eventually lead to soft pedal conditions due to brake fluid boil, and possible extended stopping distance.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Workhorse Brake Campaign Recall

Will Workhorse pay to have the vehicle inspected?
Workhorse will ONLY pay to inspect the vehicle if a repair is deemed necessary. If you as the customer just want the vehicle inspected to verify it is safe; then you must authorize the teardown due to the fact that there may indeed be no failure noted. If a failure is noted during the inspection, Workhorse will cover the inspection charge.

Should I schedule an appointment to have this campaign performed?
No. The parts are not currently available and the interim notice letter that you received was to notify customers that a brake campaign will be issued later this year.

Should I schedule an appointment if I have been experiencing brake issues?
Yes, if you are currently experiencing any of the warning indicators as described in the interim notification letter then it will be necessary for you to make arrangements with a local Workhorse dealer to perform an inspection. Again, you, the customer will need to authorize inspection at that point. IF in-fact a failure is discovered, then the repair and inspection will be billed to Workhorse. Maintenance items (brake pads, etc) will not be covered.

What do I need to have ready when I call about this campaign?
First, it is not necessary for you to call about this campaign unless you are currently experiencing any of the warning indicators described in the interim notification letter. Workhorse will notify you directly of the final remedy when parts are available. Second, make sure the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on your interim notification letter matches the VIN on your vehicle. Only those customers notified by mail are involved in this campaign. When you call have the VIN number ready. Note that this campaign only relates to the W20, W21 or W22 chassis. W24, W25.5, W16, W18, W62, W42, UFO, R26 chassis' are NOT involved in this campaign. Third, please read through the letter completely, it should answer all questions you may have regarding the campaign.

Will Workhorse pay to have the customers unit towed to the shop?
NO, UNLESS the vehicle is broken down on the side of the road due to a brake problem. At that point you should contact Roadside Assistance (877-946-7731) prior to calling for a tow.

If the unit is inspected and a repair is deemed necessary, are there updated parts available?
The final remedy parts are currently not available. If a repair is in-fact deemed necessary before the final remedy parts are available current parts will be used. It has been our experience that the current replacement parts will provide good service life for two to three years. You will still be notified when the final remedy parts are available.

Why are parts not available for this campaign?
Workhorse has worked diligently with our current brake supplier, Bosch, and NHTSA to identify and correct the problem. Significant resources have been allocated to gain a full understanding of the matter.While the problem has now been identified, a final remedy must still be determined Therefore an interim letter to alert consumers about the recall was sent to provide instructions for safe driving until such time as the new parts are available. Please read the letter and the enclosed card in that mailing.

If a repair is performed now with current available parts, will the unit still be involved in the recall and have the parts replaced again once the updated parts are available?

I've already experienced this problem what do I do?
If you have previously replaced a brake caliper on a motor home chassis involved in this recall, you may be eligible for reimbursement on certain repairs made after November 16, 2007.Please contact your local Workhorse service center or Workhorse Custom Chassis directly. You will need all your repair orders (for said repair) and proof of payment (credit card receipt, etc.). However, Workhorse is not required to reimburse owners for collateral costs associated with a safety recall (e.g. lost wages while the vehicle is being repaired, car rentals, damage caused by the defect, etc.). Repairs made prior to November 16, 2007 will not be eligible at this time.

My ABS light stays on. What should I do?
If the ABS brake light illuminates and stays on, it could possibly indicate that the ABS sensor has overheated, causing damage, and corrupted the signal at that wheel end. If this happens, you should pull over and examine the wheel ends for excessive heat. In the event that you do experience symptoms, we would suggest you contact a Workhorse service center immediately for evaluation and possible temporary repairs. Our service center network has been notified of this problem and can take appropriate action to repair one or more dragging brake calipers until such time that the final remedy can be performed.

What do I do if my Workhorse Recall question has not been answered?
If your Workhorse Recall question has not been answered please give Mainline, your Authorized Workhorse Dealer a call at 440-439-7777.