Truck Trailer Repair
Trailer Sway Control

Uncontrollable trailer sway can be caused by a variety of things. You can have spring or axle problems with your trailer or even low air pressure in your tires causing a trailer sway control problem. Today’s travel trailer suspension  is typically designed so that when you load all your cargo and fill the water tanks you are very close to the travel trailer suspension’s maximum weight limits.

Travel trailer sway can also be a problem if your tow vehicle suspension is not stable enough to handle the extra weight put on the suspension when attaching a travel trailer to your 3500 series or F350 pick up.

Super Steer has developed Trac Bars and heavy duty tie rods for today’s tow vehicles and everyday use pick ups and vans. Whether you are towing a travel trailer or just driving solo, the handling of your Chevy or Ford pickup can be greatly improved with the addition of some simple but effective suspension upgrades.  These upgrades provide a noticeable improvement in control over trailer sway.

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