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Preventive Maintenance Springs & Suspension Air Brake Systems
Emergency Road Service Overhead & Swing Doors Roof Repairs
Landing Gear Annual DOT Inspection Floor Repairs
Lights & Wires Repair Lift Gates and Additional Equipment

Preventative Maintenance 

Truck Technician checking fluid levels
The preventative maintenance program on your trailer is just as important as the one you perform on the tractor pulling it. It is imperative that your trailier is periodically checked and adjusted to maximize the life expectancy as well as to insure the drivability of the complete unit as a combination. 

At Mainline we specialize in keeping your trailer in top working order so you can run worry free.  Our computer system tracks your entire maintenance history.  We'll tailor a program to fit your needs.  Whether you’d prefer on site or in shop service, Call us today 440-439-7777.

Springs & Suspension

Today's trailers are using many different types of suspension. No longer are we just replacing springs and u bolts. Many trailers are equipped with air ride suspensions or a combination of air ride and spring suspensions. 

No matter what type of suspension you may be running it requires a technician that has Truck Wheelexperience in trouble shooting problems you’re having. Whether your problem is rough ride, uneven ride height, or a broken spring or hanger we have the knowledge and expertise to fix your problem.  Call us today, 440-439-7777 to schedule an appointment. 

Air Brake Systems

Trailers are still equipped with s cam braking systems that require lubrication and adjustment. Self adjusting slack adjusters may keep the brakes adjusted, but periodic lubrication and an operational check is still necessary. 

Newer trailers that are equipped with ABS eventually develop electrical problems.  Our computerized diagnostic equipment provides the fault codes needed to make the necessary repairs to your ABS system.  Call today, 440-439-7777 to schedule an appointment to get your brakes checked.  

Emergency Road Service

Roadside Assistance
Mainline offers emergency road service 24/7 for qualified customers. We have 2 service trucks in house that carry all the equipment needed to get you back on the road quickly as possible. No matter if your breakdown is local or out of town we can handle your call. Call our office, 440-439-7777 to find out how you can take advantage of our Emergency Road Service Plan.


Overhead and Swing Doors

We have a lot of experience fixing trailers with overhead or swing doors, and service and maintain Todco and Whiting doors.  Your time is important.  That is why we stock a wide variety of replacement parts for both overhead and swing doors. 

Trailer InteriorWe also repair the rear doors on refrigerated trailers. Weather your problem is just a broken hinge or roller or you need a complete door replacement we’re able to make the needed repairs and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.  Give us a call 440-439-7777 to schedule an appointment today. 

Roof Repairs

Mainline offers emergency road service 24 hours a day 7 days a week for qualified customers. We have 2 service trucks in house that carry all the equipment needed to get you back on the road quickly. No matter if your breakdown is local or out of town we can handle your call. Call our office anytime to find out the important details in regards to this offer.

Floor Repairs

Loose or damaged flooring can be repaired by our technicians.  Whether you have hardwood oak on your flatbed or laminated planks in your van trailer we can make repairs or replace both when needed.  

Our welders can also replace your broken cross members as well as repair structural damage to the sub frame.  Call us today, 440-439-7777 to schedule a time to have your trailers floors repaired.  

Landing Gear

When trailers are dropped from the tractor the landing gears and supports have to be tight and secure. Loose or broken supports can cause a trailer to fall to the ground when dropped from the tractor. 

During our Preventative Inspection all landing gear components are thoroughly checked and the landing gears is lubricated so they work properly. Don’t let stiff cranking landing gears can cause back injuries to the driver and lost time for your company.  Call us today, 440-439-7777 to have your landings inspected and lubricated.

Annual DOT Inspections

Mainline is an official DOT inspection site that meets or exceeds the state requirements for performing Annual DOT inspections. Remember the inspection, by law, needs to be completed annually. 

Our techinicians will provide you with an estimate of repairs if any defects are discovered during the inspection. No repairs will be made unless we are given approval beforehand.

After your vehicle passes inspection, our techinician will attach a decal to your vehicle that shows the date it passed inspection and unit number.  

Lights & Wires

Wire RepairWith all the salt and chemicals used on our highways, corrosion can be a problem for your lights and wiring. If you’re experiencing a light or wiring issue, bring your trailer into Mainline where you know the repairs will be made to last.  

To insure a long life, we use only heat shrink wire connectors and secure your harnesses with loom clamps and nylon straps. 

We have even manufactured a portable testing unit to connect to your trailer’s nose plug that simulates being connected to a trucks power source.  Our testing unit insures all your lights are in proper working order.  Call us today, 440-439-7777 to have us check your trailers lights and wires so you don’t have a problem on the road.   

Lift Gates/Additional Equipment

All types of lift gates are serviced and repaired by our technicians including tuck away lift gates or rail gates.  If your lift gate has an electrical issue or a structural problem give us a call, 440-439-7777 to get it fixed.      


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