Suspension Upgrade CustomerMotorhome Suspension Upgrades

Why settle for "average" when you can have your motorhome handle "Like a Dream?" If your RV has never been upgraded with SuperSteer supplied components, then you're likely experiencing "Driver Fatigue." Why drive for two days when you can make it one day with comfortable driving conditions?  Wouldn't you rather drive safer, longer and more enjoyable hours? 

Upgrade your motorhome suspension today and arrive at your day's destination feeling stree-free, relaxed and ready to enjoy the rest of your day.
Mainline Truck and RV, the East Coast SuperSteer Distribution Center, is fully equipped to diagnose and repair your coach's poor handling conditions such as sway, rut-tracking, porpoising, tail wagging, body roll and virtually any other white knuckle experiences. 

Whether you own a Workhorse, Ford, Freightliner, Monoco, Newmar, Spartan, Tiffin or any other chassis on the road, the handling can be greatly enhanced.  Mainline offers SuperSteer, Roadmaster, Koni, Super Spring - Sumo Spring, Safety-Plus and Banks Power products. These suppliers of superior products offer anti-sway bars, trac-bars, shocks, motion control units, bell-cranks, idler arms, steering returnability components, and engine power upgrades.  

Once the heavy duty suspension and steering accessories have been professionally installed, finish your motorhome suspension upgrade with a coach weigh-tire pressure setting and alignment.  Weighing all corners of the coach allows proper tire pressures per tire manufactures' specs, providing optimum handling and reduced tire wear. Aligning both or all three of the coach's axles allows adjustments of camber, caster, toe, thrust and scrub angles. 

After your RV's chassis upgrades have been completed, you'll be able to drive farther and more comfortably, allowing you to enjoy all of your trip. After all, isn't that why you invested in your motorhome in the first place!

Call to schedule a RPA (Road Performance Assessment) for you and your coach today!