Mainline's Road Performance Assessment (RPA®)

Motor Home Test DriveYour RV / Motorhome's steering, suspension & braking systems comprise many different components.  Each component must work correctly to ensure proper function of your Motorhome/ RV as a whole. That’s why we recommend our Road Performance Assessment (RPA®). 
Mainline’s Road Performance Assessment (RPA) was developed by SuperSteer, one of the premier manufacturer’s of RV / Motorhome components designed to cure ride, handling and braking problems of Recreational Vehicles.   The Road Performance Assessment is a systematic, diagnostic road test consisting of a 15-mile drive designed to reveal steering and suspension problems over a variety of road surfaces.
uring our Road Performance Assessment, you will ride alongside with one of our SuperSteer trained technicians.  We will be driving in many different road conditions including:

   bullet point  over highways,

bullet point curved and narrow roads,

bullet point sharp turns,

bullet point bumps and ruts

All these road conditions are included in your Road Performance Access.  This allows us to re-produce symptoms your RV / Motorhome is experiencing so we can recommend the necessary repairs/upgrades needed to correct any steering, suspension or braking issues your RV / Motorhome may be experiencing. 
At the conclusion of our drive, we will then perform a detailed inspection of more than Call to schedule your Road Performance Assessmentl 50 points on your vehicle.  These include:
Plus, we will weigh your vehicle at all four corners to insure your RV / Motorhome has the proper vehicle weight distribution.  Once we have completed this thorough inspection, we come to the final phase of our Road Performance Assessment - reviewing with you exactly what we have found and providing you with a written diagnostic report that pinpoints your vehicles issues.
At the conclusion of our Road Performance Assessment, you will know exactly what needs to be done to rectify your vehicles issues and decide what issues, if any, you want addressed.
After any repairs/upgrades have been completed, we will test drive your vehicle one more time before taking another drive with you behind the wheel to verify the effectiveness of our work.

   bullet point  your air ride suspension (if equipped),

bullet point tire wear,

bullet point shock absorbers,

bullet point idler arms,

bullet point steering gear,

bullet point king pins,

bullet point tie rods,

bullet point ball joints,

bullet point bushings,

bullet point brake rotors, pads, calipers,

bullet point and much, much more