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Motor Home InteriorProtect your "home away from home" with a wide range of Mainline’s mechanical and specialized RV services designed to keep you on the road, minimize your downtime and improve your travel experience.
Mainline is your "One Stop Shop" for RV service.  We know your RV is your home and we pride ourselves keeping it spotless and providing all our customers with a rapid turnaround time.

Making your downtime as comfortable as possible, we offer a comfortable Wireless Internet enabled waiting area.  Our friendly professional experts insure your satisfaction in a job well done.

Mainline technicians are ASE Certified, MSSI (Motorhome Steering Suspension Institute) certified and also undergo factory Workhorse training. We use only the best equipment and parts including Hunter Alignment Equipment, Henderson's SuperSteer & SuperStop and Workhorse Custom Chassis. 

Hunter Computerized Alignment

Hunter Computerized Truck AlignmentMainline has specialized in front and rear axle wheel alignment for over 20 years.  We have the technology, training and equipment to handle any alignment or suspension service needed on your RV.
Our wireless R811 Hunter alignment machine sends a radio signal from the vehicle wheel sensors to the computer. The Windows XP Professional computer then processes the information providing your vehicle with the most accurate alignment possible.  Using the R811, the set-up time is much faster. This enables us to align your vehicle faster and more efficiently getting your vehicle back on the road quicker.

Mainline is one of the very few RV repair facilities in Northeast Ohio with an 18'X18'X54" deep alignment pit.  This allows us to give both your front and rear axles a perfect synchronized alignment.         

Every Mainline Wheel Alignment comes with a specification sheet that tells our customers 3 things:

     1) Current setting on both front and rear axles

     2) The proper setting for all axles per the manufacturer's factory specifications

     3) Your vehicle's setting after the alignment is completed.

This information is then stored in our data base for future reference. We can retrieve this information by using your vin number or service repair order.  

Why settle for less? Call Mainline 440-439-7777 today to schedule an alignment for your vehicle.

Road Performance Assessment (RPA) 

Truck Technician checking fluid levels
Mainline Truck and Trailer Service uses the Road Performance Assessment (RPA) developed by Henderson Super Steer Super Stop. The RPA is a road test procedure that puts your RV through a series of unique road conditions assessing your vehicle’s handling characteristics.
The Road Performance Assessment helps our technicians evaluate your vehicle’s current conditions to determine what can be done to improve the ride and handling of the RV.   Call Mainline 440-439-7777 for your Road Performance Assessment.    
More information on Mainline's Road Performance Assessment.


Suspension and Steering Upgrades

Why not Improve the ride and handling of your motorhome?

Many motorhomes you see on the road today are equipped with interiors like fine homes: granite, wood cabinets and all the gizmos that make the RV experience fun.  As RV manufacturers become more weight conscious there is no leeway in Gross Vehicle Weight.
The motor home body - empty - just about brings the chassis to its maximum capacity.  When you load in all your personal belonging you’re at maximum or overloaded driving conditions. The results of this overload situation are poor handling and drivability.
Mainline has teamed up with Henderson Super Steer the manufacturer of the latest upgrades for your steering and suspension needs.  Henderson Super Steer has been written up in Family Motor Coach Magazine as the leader in upgrade technology. You can check them out from the link in our web site for all the upgrades available for your motor home. Mainline is an approved installer of all Super Steer products.
Is your RV hard to handle in a side wind going freeway speed?  Every time you run over a seam in the highway does it feels like you are driving over speed bumps?  The result is driver fatigue and dangerous driving conditions.  Give Mainline a call 440-439-7777 to see how your suspension and steering can be upgraded.

Air Conditioning Test and Recharge

Truck A/C Testing and RepairMainline technicians are ASE certified to meet the challenges of today's air conditioning systems. With our training using the latest recovery and recharging equipment we can maintain or repair any system.

Whether your system needs to be upgraded to the newest types of Freon or you just have a simple problem with a dash fan
motor, we can fix it for you.

Starting & Charging Systems

RV Starting & Charging System RepairStarting and charging systems in an RV is an area that should not be neglected. Something as minor as a loose battery connection can cause an RV not to start or worse yet damage the integrity of the system.
Your battery/batteries need to be inspected to be sure they are holding a charge and are secure in the battery box. The alternator output needs to be checked to be sure it is putting out the proper current to keep the batteries charged and your RV running properly.  Call Mainline 440-439-7777 to have your starting and charging systems checked.

Steering and Suspension

Whether your RV needs new springs, air bags or any other steering component, Mainline is able to handle all your suspension needs.  Our ASE Certified technicians are able to identify and fix any steering and suspension issue your motorhome may have.  Schedule your appointment to have your steering and suspension checked out by Mainline now 440-439-7777. 

Engine Repair and Replacement

Truck Engine Repair and ReplacementMainline technicians are factory trained to service even the newest engines on the market. Using the latest diagnostic equipment we can diagnose dash fault codes and make repairs quickly. Today's engines can be electronic nightmares if not serviced by factory trained personnel.
Whether your check engine light is on or your head gasket leaking, Mainline factory trained technicians can service your engine and get you back on the road as soon as possible. In the unfortunate case your engine needs replacement our service advisors will offer different options to help you make the best decision.
 Motorhome generator 


Mainline is an authorized service center for Onan generators. Our technicians have gone through a rigorous training process to become an Onan Authorized Service Center

Hydraulic Brake Systems

Our Hydraulic Brake System
Today's light and medium duty trucks and RV'S may be fitted with hydraulic braking systems. We can repair or maintain these systems as well as make periodic adjustments when needed. Our Ammco 6000 brake lathe allows us to reface drums and rotors on site reducing your downtime, getting you back on the road faster.

Air Brake Systems
RV's are equipped with s cam braking systems that require lubrication and adjustment. Self adjusting slack adjusters may keep the brakes adjusted but periodic lubrication and an operational check is still necessary. RV's equipped with ABS (Antiskid Brake Systems) may run into electrical problems.  Mainline has the diagnostic equipment to locate fault codes.  This takes the guess work out of repairing your ABS system and gets you back on the road faster.
Call Mainline 440-439-7777 to have your brake systems inspected.  

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