Truck and RV Wheel Alignment
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Hunter Computerized Alignment

Hunter Computerized Truck AlignmentMainline has specialized in front and rear axle wheel alignment for over 20 years.  We have the technology, training and equipment to handle any alignment or suspension service needed on your Truck or RV.
Our wireless R811 Hunter alignment machine sends a radio signal from the vehicle wheel sensors to the computer. The Windows XP Professional computer then processes the information providing your vehicle with the most accurate alignment possible.  Using the R811, the set-up time is much faster. This enables us to align your vehicle faster and more efficiently getting your vehicle back on the road quicker.

Mainline is one of the very few RV repair facilities in Northeast Ohio with an 18'X18'X54" deep alignment pit.  This allows us to give both your front and rear axles a perfect synchronized alignment.         

Every Mainline Wheel Alignment comes with a specification sheet that tells our customers 3 things:

     1) Current setting on both front and rear axles

     2) The proper setting for all axles per the manufacturer's factory specifications

     3) Your vehicle's setting after the alignment is completed.

This information is then stored in our data base for future reference. We can retrieve this information by using your vin number or service repair order.  

Why settle for less? Call Mainline 440-439-7777 today to schedule an alignment for your vehicle.